Make it easy to get babies to sleep

We've created a beautifully designed and simple-to-use app that does just one thing ... it plays white noise. Open the app and the noise starts playing. Oh, and it’s FREE!

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Calm your baby

White noise reduces stress in babies. It is pretty noisy on the inside so when they come up the quiet is actually unsettling. White noise can also help babies block out all that new stimulation.


Help your baby sleep

White noise helps babies fall asleep more easily ... and stay asleep longer. Babies have “sleep arousals” generally every 20-45 minutes. White noise can help babies get through these arousals and fall back into deeper sleep.


Cry Less

White noise helps babies cry less. Why do you shush a baby when they are crying? It works (sometimes). Shushing is your personal white noise generator ... but you can't do that for a long stretches!


Reduce risk of SIDS

White noise may reduce the risk of SIDS*. A study found that babies had a significant reduction in the risk of SIDS if there was a fan in their room. No one knows exactly why this happens but many believe it's due to the white noise a fan makes. We do know that white noise reduces “active sleep“ (which is the type of sleep where SIDS is most likely to occur).

* See this article from the the New Your Times.


Help parents sleep

White noise will help parents sleep too. Who knew babies were sound loud sleepers? White noise will help mask the grunts, gurgles and farts (the noise, not the smell) so you can sleep better. (You can still here them if they cry.)

Why is the White Noise app free?

We realized that if we charged for the app, people would simple not use it! We want to be helpful. Note we do have ads in the app but they can be removed (in app purchase). The app works just as well with the ads in there.