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Before becoming a parent people would say, “Enjoy your sleep while you can.“ I'm not a great sleeper so I was dreading this aspect of parenthood. My sister had issues getting her first born to sleep until she discovered a video called “Happiest Baby On the Block“. Check it out - it's fantastic. One of the things Dr. Karp recommends is white noise. You can shush loudly, buy all sorts of machines, tune a radio to in-between stations, download a white noise audio clip to your phone ... or now you can use the super-simple and easy-to-use White Noise app.

There are a few other apps available that allow you to play white noise but they all have confusing play controls, too many options (your baby does not want to listen to a thunderstorm), they show ads all over the place, and they generally don't look good. The White Noise app does one thing - you open the app and it starts playing (there is a timer but you don't have to set that).

So now my little guy is 8 weeks old and I'm getting more sleep than before he arrived. He is a great little sleeper. Is it the white noise or is it luck? I suspect it is a bit of both but I suggest you try using white noise. I built this app for my wife an I but I am sure many others will find it super useful. I hope you like it.



Raef Akehurst
Father of 8 week old Murphy